How SEO Companies can Revive their Fading Reputation?

SEO and online reputationWe all have seen how Google has updated its two algorithms – Panda and Penguin and how the updates have massively hit millions of company websites. Now, most of the companies blame the SEO companies for a drop of their website rank on the popular search engines. They think because of the lack of knowledge and bad marketing their online business has suffered. A company survey has found that around 65% of the potential online businesses no longer believe in any SEO company. Some critics have even started predicting the end of search engine optimization firms.

It is somewhat a strange but a true fact that a maximum number of people worldwide doesn’t know about SEO. They are not clear about the definition neither its way of work. There is no easy solution to make these people understand what SEO can do for an online business and the benefits of hiring a SEO company. However, every SEO firm should continue educating individuals and organizations about the positive aspects of search engine optimization and marketing.

People should understand the fact that a constant change in search engine algorithms is not in the hand of an SEO firm. It is Google who makes such changes at its discretion. Being a digital marketer, a person should take the initiative to make its clients accept the fact that Google algorithms are created for making changes occasionally. This is intentionally done by the search engines to affect the organic search results of different websites in a bid to rank those sites higher in the search listings that contain quality content and follow good link building practices. Sites containing poor, outdated content and bad links should be replaced immediately or else such sites will automatically go down.

Even a decade ago, keyword density, article submissions, and link generation were highly praised by Google. But nowadays, any form of such practices is penalized by the search engines. Thus, clients who still now compel the SEO firms to follow such techniques of online marketing need to develop a faith in SEO companies and let them work in the way they think best for generating maximum online traffic.

How SEO firms can create a positive reputation?

  • By staying up-to-date about the recent algorithm changes and how they can affect the online businesses.
  • By educating your clients about the various aspects of search engines.
  • By following an ethical technique of SEO and not supporting any ‘black hat’ technique to achieve a top spot on Google, Yahoo, or Bing.
  • Don’t feel disheartened when clients fail to understand the techniques of digital marketing. Take the stand to explain them why their website rank has gone down and how you can help revive the lost website ranking.

Advantages or Benefits of a Scrolling Website

While static website has become a standard web solution, of late, a significant number of companies are investing money to design and develop a scrolling website. According to experts, a scrolling website comes with a rich user experience.

Let’s find out the reasons behind the immense popularity of a scrolling website design.

Offers an Interactive Journey

While browsing through the website, the visitors get a chance to interact and engage with the site and its content at a higher level than what they do in case of a static website. Each web page content scrolls at a different speed thus making the whole site browsing a memorable experience.

Engages the User

A scrolling site entertains and engages the users with the web content. Many web designers use 3D images instead of the static ones to increase interactivity. Parallax effect has also become highly popular in the web world. In this method, multiple colored backgrounds are used which seem to move at different speeds creating a visual treat for our eyes.

Makes the Visitors Curious and Excited

A scrolling website can successfully engage a person in a unique way. Many web developers add multiple animated objects to create excitement and show their creativity to whoever visits the site.

So, what does a scrolling website mean to us? Of course, people will love to view a site that has some creative, fun-filled elements in it. In the parallax scrolling system, the foreground and background move at different speeds while an individual is moving from top to the bottom of the web page.

A scrolling website is highly effective in capturing the attention of maximum people on a global scale. Overall, this kind of a website generates higher interactivity and a better user experience and storytelling effect on people.

Spice Up Your E-commerce Business this Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day Online Marketing.Valentine’s Day is only a few days away. In India, the event is celebrated with great warmth. India is a land of rich culture and traditions and thus a majority of Indians especially the teenagers and the couples celebrate Valentine’s Day with lots of enthusiasm. Gifts such as flowers, chocolates, jewelry, lovely showpieces, etc. are exchanged to shower love in a big way. On this special day, men and women get dressed beautifully and go out on a lunch or dinner or to a movie to spend time together.

Valentine’s Day brings with it a great opportunity for various e-commerce businesses to boost up their sales to a significant extent. Whether it is a retail gift shop or an online movie ticket sale, everywhere you will see the rush to attract maximum customers as possible. Special discounts or a flat rate is given on the V-Day to capture the attention of maximum people.

Let’s figure out the top 5 Valentine’s Day marketing ideas to spice up your e-commerce business.

Send Email Campaigns to the Customers

Try to come up with a great email with a write-up that will surely touch the heart of the millions of targeted audience. Write short and crispy lines to promote your products or services and don’t forget to add the product images in each email before sending the same to the people.

Drive Traffic from the Blog Posts

Try to write informative articles on the gift ideas on Valentine’s Day or gift ideas for him and her to attract maximum online traffic to your website.

Send V-Day Ads on Mobile Phones

These days, a majority of people prefer to browse the Internet and check out different sites using their mobile phones. People are also using their phone to do shopping, online banking, buying movie tickets, and more. Thus, to reach out to a maximum number of people, you can send ads and coupons directly on the target audience’s mobile device.

Advertise on Social Media

You should promote your products on all the popular social media sites including on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, and more to let a maximum number of people view and gather information about the same. The popularity of social media web platforms cannot be undervalued; hence every e-commerce business should try to utilize these sites to expand their visibility and presence in the digital world.

Start a Campaign Online

Use your website, blog, or social media profile page to start a Valentine’s Day campaign asking people to participate in a game show or tweet creative ideas to make the Valentine’s Day all the more special and exciting. Remember, a great marketing campaign can successfully engage the customers, highlight the products, and make your business event memorable and engaging.

PPC or SEO: Which of the Online Marketing Technique is Better for Your Business?


All online marketers know about PPC or Pay-Per-Click ad campaigns. PPC refers to the sponsored ads that we see on the right side vertical box along with the natural search results when typing a specific keyword or phrase. Every time a person clicks on a PPC advert, the advertiser has to pay to the publisher. Businesses can give sponsored ads on Google or Yahoo.

SEO is a free marketing technique that all businesses, small and large, use to divert maximum traffic to their website. However, giving paid ads depend on your needs and budget. You can spend money on PPC ads if you want maximum traffic to your site fast. However, if you are operating on a constrained budget then it is better to stick to the conventional free and organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) mode of marketing.

How Large is Your Business Advertisement Budget?

Whether you will invest in a PPC ad or not will depend on your company budget. For instance, small companies with a limited budget should better continue with the free SEO marketing campaign rather than investing in a sponsored advert. Marketing experts suggest small companies should spend between $5 to $10 a day, if at all in a PPC ad.

Compare the CPC Rates in Your Industry

In addition to evaluating your business budget, it is important to look what other people in your industry are paying for. The cost-per-click (CPC) rate is decided based on the popularity of a particular keyword. It is important to keep in mind the fact that the different PPC platforms allow the users to bid on the amount they are willing to pay for a single keyword. For instance, if your company deals with auto loans and you want to capture the attention of maximum people using the keyword “bad credit auto loans”, you can use the free of cost Google Adwords Keyword Tool to find out the CPC rate for the above keyword.

However, you may find the CPC rate for “auto loans” much higher. It may be difficult to invest a lump sum amount of money on the PPC adverts; better for the small businesses to turn their attention to free SEO promotional tactics.

How Competitive is Your Keywords?

SERP (Search Engine Results Page) Analysis tool helps you find the top 10 keywords related to your business interest. You should enter a particular keyword to find its estimated competition level and the average CPC rate.

To get the best business results, you can always combine PPC and SEO marketing methods. Try to invest in PPC ad campaigns as much as you can afford. You must have trained online marketing professionals to correctly use both these online techniques to boost your product sales and improve your brand identity.

Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing

Traditional marketing has always been popular amongst the different types of companies across the world. Flyers, hoardings, promotional ads in newspapers, on TV, and radio, newsletters have helped millions of companies sell their products and services to the targeted audience. However, no matter to what extent your sales figures have been boosted because of the traditional forms of marketing, you cannot altogether ignore the importance of digital marketing and its huge impact on people worldwide.

Talking about digital marketing, the digital marketing agencies in India offer a wide range of online promotional services to help a company exceed its sale expectations. The online marketers have years of experience in working in a variety of domains for helping organizations of different types and sizes meet their business objectives in a hassle-free manner. Depending on a specific company’s needs, the digital marketing company, India will chalk out an effective marketing strategy to generate optimum business results.

In contrast to the traditional marketing methods, it is far easier to reach out to the global audience via the different digital promotional campaigns. Social media, websites, blogs, emails, e-newsletters can be utilized to communicate your corporate messages to people overcoming any kind of geographical or physical constraints. Nowadays, a maximum number of people prefer to gather information online; individuals actively participate, interact, and engage on various social media web platforms and on different blogging websites to like, comment, and share valuable information, images, and hyperlinks with their extended network.

One basic disadvantage of the traditional form of marketing is that they incur huge advertising costs. Many mid-scale and small companies often face problem in meeting the expenses of the printed adverts. However, Internet-based marketing is more cost-effective, as the Internet connection is all that you need to promote your company and its products on the multiple web platforms.

Top SEO Tips for Your Mobile Site

mobile seoThe use of mobile phones and such other handheld devices have greatly increased. Today, a maximum number of people use Smartphones, tablets, etc. to search for different stuffs on the Internet. The fact is a large number of websites that people open on their mobile device is not optimized.

Many site owners don’t know the basics of mobile site optimization; they just create a mini version of their corporate site that is optimized for a larger screen viewing such as on the desktop computers.

Website designers need to consider two things when it comes to mobile search engine optimization (SEO).

1. Website design
2. Optimization aspect in order to let the targeted audience easily find your site on the search engines

CSS and Responsive Web Design

Usually, cascading style sheets or CSS is used by the web designers for optimizing a site on any mobile device. CSS automatically adjusts the website design and content to the screen size of your mobile device.

CSS is a part of Responsive Web Design (RWD) procedure. RWD sends the site’s HTML to all mobile devices. CSS alters the text, images, and content to fit in the screen size of the device where the site is opened. Responsive Web Design is ideal for Android Smartphones, iPhones, iPads, and even desktop versions.

Having a Single URL

Yes, it is absolutely necessary to have the same URL for both your desktop-optimized website and mobile site. Having a single URL will help you easily share your text, images, etc. on different social media sites and blogging sites. Maximum sharing of your content on vast social media web platforms will also improve your organic search results and bring maximum online traffic and sales leads.

Having a Local Presence

You must create a profile on directories such as Google Local, Yahoo, Ask, etc. for the potential customers to easily find you. Local mobile SEO has become significant particularly after many mobile searchers are looking for information about local businesses.

Research to Find Mobile Keywords

The mobile experience is different from that of a desktop computer. People generally use mobile gadgets to search for local things or places. For instance, I often use my Nokia Lumia phone to search for a local restaurant or pub. It is therefore important to do a proper keyword research to stuff your mobile site with the correct keywords or phrases that maximum people will write when searching for products or services similar to what you are offering.

Local Factors to Consider for Complete Mobile SEO

On-page Optimization

Just as your normal website is optimized, you need to do the same for your mobile site as well. Ensure you have used locally-relevant keywords in the titles, meta tags, meta descriptions, and body content.

Local Listings

As I have already mentioned, it is crucial to include NAP or name, address, and phone number in different local business listing sites for people to quickly find you, 24/7.


You should add your storefront images in your local listing profile pages. You can also add the images of your products or services in your Google+ local listing to be shown in Google Maps. According to various online studies, pages containing photos of store and products get maximum clicks compared to the pages without any images.

10 Tips to Create a Killer SEO Website Design

While designing and developing a website, an India-based web designer needs to keep in mind two primary aspects –

  • Attractive Layout and Usability
  • Optimization

The website must be beautifully designed and colored to attract maximum targeted audience. In addition, the site must be properly optimized for achieving a high ranking on the popular search engines. It is therefore a big challenge for the website designers and developers to come up with a killer SEO website design.

Tip Number 1

Make the Navigation Simple

The website visitors should be able to move from one page to another without any problem. Every web page should load quickly and the images or videos on a particular page should be easily visible. If you are using flash to create a website, you should have an in-depth knowledge about how to use flash objects and make them Google-friendly.

Tip Number 2

CSS Manipulative Text

Nowadays, an increasing number of web designers across the world are using CSS instead of HTML to develop the site text. They have a good reason to do so. With CSS, you can easily change the font type, color, text direction, alignment, spacing, and more to make the text look all the more attractive.

Tip Number 3

Have Content that Search Engine Crawlers can Read

The pillar of a good website is good content; hence when developing a site, ensure the content is properly categorized into headers, sub-headers, paragraphs, relevant keywords, hyperlinks, etc.

Tip Number 4

Use Semantic Code

Semantic code is inserted to describe the content. For example, if I wish to describe the first paragraph of a web page, I will write <span style=”font-size: large;”><b>This is the first paragraph</b></span> Semantic codes help the search engines to easily recognize your site content which is the key aspect to get a high ranking.

Tip Number 5

Optimize the Images

Always use ALT to describe your site images. If you don’t do it, chances are you will lose a substantial amount of traffic coming via image searches.

Tip Number 6

Keep URLs Optimized

Every web page URL should contain the relevant keywords or phrases that best describes the page content.

Tip Number 7

Use Unique Meta Data

Web designers should not forget to create unique meta tags and meta description for each website page. It will help the search engines get a clear understanding of the website structure.

Tip Number 8

Create an XML Sitemap

An XML sitemap is created to allow the search engines easily index your site pages.

Tip Number 9

Add Social Media Buttons

Google and such other popular search engines are giving credibility to sites that have maximum shares and likes on social media sites. Therefore, today’s website designers must definitely add social media icons on the Home Page as well as on other relevant site pages to help the website get recognized by the search engines.

Tip Number 10

Create a Mobile Version of Your Site

It is very important to create a mobile version of your website and blog since today maximum people prefer browsing the Internet using their mobile devices.